It all started with Stacey thinking about coffee.

She likes really good coffee, and figured other people would, too. So she set up some coffee carts around the city and began schooling Atlantans on how to change their morning ritual from “coffee, please” to “double tall skinny half caff bald latte, please.”

Then she started thinking about cycling. And she quickly learned that a body cannot run on coffee alone (no matter how good it is).

So she started thinking about muffins. Really good muffins. The kind of muffins that are stuffed with clean healthy delicious fuel a body craves.

And she started thinking about breads. Whole grain, chemical free breads. Not the sandy Patchouli and Birkenstock kind of breads, but the kind of breads foodies would love.

That got her thinking about her Mama's cooking, and how good southern comfort food can be. And she figured other people would think so, too.

And as she was thinking these thoughts, her pondering was interrupted by the sound of opportunity knocking. So she answered it, and here we are.

But now the muffin and bread ideas have expanded to include a full and abundant array of bakery goods, from cookies to radical pastries to highly decorative cakes.

And Mama's southern comfort has broadened its horizons, growing into a full menu that stretches comfortably from crabcake benedict to ricotta pancakes, to cornbread panzanella salad.

And you can still get your double, tall, skinny, half-caff, bald latte.